I’m the queen of asking for photo-related gifts for any occasion.  There’s always some new camera or accessory that I am dying for so I created a “cheat sheet” for the photography lovers in your lives.  These range from inexpensive to breaking the bank so there’s something for everyone!  Cheers and Happy Holidays!


1. LIT Portable Selfie Light
This light is perfect for getting great lighting for whatever device you use.  Who doesn’t love an amazing looking selfie?  I love that you can clip this light on any phone or use it on a tablet or laptop for optimal lighting.  This is definitely on my list this year and you know I’m going to order one early for our Christmas and New Year’s parties!

kiwii selfie stick

2. Kiwii Selfie Stick
Everyone loves a selfie stick.  Don’t let the haters tell you they don’t.  They’re just jealous they don’t have 10 people to fill up the frame with all the extra space you get from using a selfie stick.  I have taken mine on all of our trips and it really comes in handy in the places you want a selfie and a good amount of background (it worked great at the Grand Canyon!).  I like the corded ones because they are fast to set up and work with just about every device.  The button makes it so easy to take a photo without having to go into “self-timer” mode.


3. Olloclip
I loooovvveee the Olloclip.  As a photographer, I’m a photo quality junkie and Olloclip allows me to get a zoomed in shot without pixelation or distortion.  They have a few different styles that include lenses from fisheye to telephoto as well as polarizers for all different photo situations, plus they have them available for all different devices!

lara jade fashion photography 101

4. Fashion Photography 101 by Lara Jade
I’m constantly looking for inspiration among photographers that I admire and Lara Jade is hands-down my favorite photographer of my generation.  This book is incredible and provides insight into what it takes to produce beautiful images of any kind, not just fashion shots.  My favorite thing about this book is that she includes a few specific photo challenges that are great for challenging yourself and finding your photography style.

wacom bamboo tablet

5. Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Tablet
These things are life-changing for photo editing.  Sometimes editing on a mouse can be really unrealistic, especially when editing smaller areas of a photo.  This tablet allows you to control the pointer with a pen instead, giving a much more realistic motion for fine-tuning a photograph.  I purchased one of these years ago when it was called a Bamboo tablet and it’s still kicking!  This would also be a great gift for an artist or graphic designer and I’ve even seen video editors use them to speed up their workflow!  There are lots of different models in the Intuos range depending on what it will be used for and they start right around $99 which is a steal for all it can do.

kelly moore mimi bag

6. Kelly Moore Camera Bag
Ok I’m going to say it.  Kelly Moore PERFECTED the camera bag.  Most camera bags are so ugly and cumbersome and have “a man made this” written all over them.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s just that functionality usually wins out over style every time.  I snagged a bag from Kelly Moore as soon as I came across them.  I chose the Mimi bag mostly because I thought it was the cutest one but oh my gosh it holds EVERYTHING I need for a shoot!  I can fit multiple cameras and quite a few lenses as well as an iPad, extra batteries, and other little accessories I keep with me on the go.  The bags come with padded Velcro dividers that can be adjusted however you like them or taken out altogether.  My two year old bag looks brand new and shows no signs of distress on the handles which I would have expected by now considering how heavy the equipment I carry is.  The best part is, even if I’m not carrying camera equipment, this is a great looking bag.  I get compliments on it everywhere I take it.

canon ae-1 program 2

7. Canon AE-1 Program
I will never stop believing that every true photographer needs a good film camera.  There’s nothing better for really honing your photography skills or appreciating the history of photography.  I’m obsessed with this camera in particular because it’s easy to use yet produces amazing results and they’re fairly easy to come by.  I was given a Canon AE-1 Program and a huge set of lenses by an old man just because he saw how excited I was about photography and I ended up loving the camera so much that I bought another one for about $10 at a garage sale.  You can click the link to purchase them online for a little more, or spend some time checking local thrift stores, pawn shops, and garage sales for a steal.

instax mini 8

8. Instax Mini 8 Camera
I started my photography devotion with a Polaroid camera in high school and once the company went under, I was devastated that my favorite cameras were rendered almost useless.  The Instax Mini 8 saved me from a life of non-instant photo sadness.  These cameras come in lots of amazing colors and are so easy to use!  The photos come out the size of a business card and are so cute to display.  At about $1 per photo, they don’t break the bank and if you buy the film in bulk, it’s even cheaper.  As a bonus, most “younger” kids haven’t ever seen instant film and are blown away by the developing process.  I took a photo of my 15 year old sister and she was seriously confused when the photo came out white and then proceeded to freak out as the colors appeared.  I believe her exact words were, “it looks like Instagram!”.  No, child; Polaroid is the inspiration for Instagram…thanks for making me feel really old.

instax wide

9. Instax Wide Camera
This is the big brother to the Mini 8.  And yet another case in which I loved a camera so much that I bought another one.  The Instax Wide produces a photo twice the width of the Mini 8 and much more closely resembles the old square Polaroid film.  With two different options for focal distance and an included selfie mirror, this camera has a few advancements over it’s little sister.  I also think the colors in the film are a little richer and because of the larger size, more detail in the photograph is visible.  Both the camera and the film run a little more expensive than the Mini 8 but not by much.

canon 6d

10. Canon 6D
The last (and most expensive) item on the list is my favorite DSLR camera.  I cannot say enough good things about it.  Canon’s 6D is it’s most inexpensive full-frame camera and produces an amazing image while also offering some of the more consumer-grade features such as built-in WiFi.  Most photographers are either Canon or Nikon lovers and I’m 100% team Canon.  Their ease of use and outstanding quality are the perfect marriage in a camera body.  Keep in mind this is only one of many of the cameras in Canon’s lineup so if this one doesn’t fit your gift budget or you’re looking for different features, there are lots of different options!

I hope this cheat sheet helps all you gift-buyers out there!  If you’ve got questions, please comment me and I’ll get to them as soon as I can!  Keep a look out for more in-depth reviews on all of these products in future blogs!  Cheers! 🙂