I will never stop being grateful for the opportunity to do my job well.  I know that sounds kind of weird, but bear with me.  There is no greater feeling as a photographer than to love your own work.  I can be told a thousand times a day that my photos are amazing but if I don’t fall in love with my own images, I’m not 100% happy.  It’s definitely the perfectionist in me, but I know for a fact that striving for perfection every time I pick up my camera, makes me excellent at what I do.  When I’m given the opportunity to make a photograph look amazing (lighting is perfect, location is amazing, subject is easy to work with), I do a little excited screech in my head.  Actually, sometimes I do it out loud.  Because I get that excited.  About furniture.  About a fantastic model.  About a sunset.  About just about anything that is working with me to get a great shot.

I did a lot of screeching on this shoot.  This house was the epitome of #housegoals.  Oceanfront views, the most gorgeous color palette, symmetrical design elements (don’t even get me started on symmetrical design *drool*).  I have a hard time working within a time frame on homes like this because I could shoot them ALL DAY LONG.  This home has got to be Brookings’ best kept secret.  Take a peek in this stunning home and let me know what you think!

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