I am so completely obsessed with real estate and architecture photography!!!  Before I knew I was a photographer, I would tear out images from my mom’s Better Homes & Gardens magazines and staple them (yes, staple) to my bedroom walls.  I just loved they way they looked.  Looking back now, I’m thankful that teenage Sara took the time to admire those images because I think that admiration gave me the eye for photography that I have now.  When I photograph a home, or any sort of building for that matter, I imagine what it would like in a magazine and go from there.  This was especially the case with one of my most recent homes; this beautiful vacation home right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Brookings, Oregon.  Modern architecture and subtle beachy accents made this home one of my favorites so far!  I love a clean, well decorated, open-concept house and this boasted all three; plus a casita detached from the main house for a little extra privacy for those big family get-togethers!  Check out my favorite images and let me know what you think!  And if you’re in the market for a fabulous vacation rental, look no further than this home.  Check out the VRBO listing here: https://www.vrbo.com/862087

Brookings, Oregon Vacation Home // Brookings, Oregon Vacation House // Brookings, Oregon Beach House