A lot of people ask me where they can create custom photo items and have them printed.  As a photographer, you just get a lot of those kinds of questions.  It’s kind of like when your parents get an iPhone for the first time and call you six times a week trying to figure out how to use it.  But anyway, there are a lot of places to get photo items printed but I prefer to have them done online because I like options and I’m a stickler for quality.  OpenPrints.com offers a ton of options for displaying and printing photos and they don’t cost a ridiculous amount of money to get the job done; in fact, they’re extremely inexpensive.  I love love love canvas prints and they offer some other mediums for printing such as metal which is pretty freaking cool.  If you’ve got a business, they offer posters, car decals, signs, banners, and almost anything else you would need to get your advertising game on point.  Just thought I’d let you guys in on the secret. 😉  Cheers!