Way back in March I worked on a very top secret project and it’s been months of agony waiting to be able to spill the secret.  We aren’t quite there yet but I’ve got a sneak peek for you guys.  I shot for a book called Party Style by Gemma Touchstone and it was an awesome experience.  I’ve had my work in magazines before but it’s pretty cool to have your photos in something that (hopefully) won’t be recycled to the dentist office waiting room in a year.  This book features multiple children’s parties and provides everything from printables to recipes.  It has a Pinterest sort of vibe but it’s like having all your favorite pins in one!  The section I worked on was a Camp Party for a young girl.  It was so much fun and I can’t wait to share some images with you when the book drops on October 13th!  In the meantime, you can get the book before then by clicking this link!  It’s inexpensive and so worth the purchase…even if all you want to do is check out some photos by yours truly.  I hope this Monday is treating you all well!  Cheers!

A few shots that I am allowed to share:

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