I love a good challenge.  I crave it, actually.  And as a photographer, I feel myself constantly needing to push myself into different styles and into working with new subjects in order to feed my creativity.  For a while I’ve been wanting to do an editorial shoot so I reached out to RepMeddy, a lifestyle brand based in the Rogue Valley, to see if they were interested in collaborating.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect or if they would be interested, but for the sake of pushing myself, I reached out.  I was ecstatic when Cody, creator of the brand, was on board and excited to represent Medford in a way that matched my vision for the shoot.

My main objective for this shoot was for the images to feel organic.  Of course I wanted to represent the brand, but equally I wanted to showcase the models and the locations and activities that Medford offers.  I needed the images to feel as if the viewer was there; part of the party, friends with the people in the photos.  With no budget and schedule conflicts with everyone involved, it wasn’t easy but we scored big time with the five models who were down to be a part of the project.

Cody provided some amazing clothes and accessories for the shoot, even letting us use some prototypes that hadn’t been seen yet!  I love his view of Medford and the love for the place he called home for so long.  Over the course of four different shoot dates, I shot the models with the vision of what a day in the life of a twentysomething in Medford might be like.  Check out the first run of photos that are done!  There will be lots more coming soon!  If you’d like to purchase any of the RepMeddy clothing, all the products are linked at the bottom of the page.

Huge thanks to everyone involved!!!  Aaron, Carson, Juan, Kaiya, & Savannah you were AMAZING to work with!  (Click their names to follow them on social media) Special thanks to In-N-Out in Medford for not kicking us out! 🙂

Check out RepMeddy’s website: http://repmeddy.com and check out the Q&A I did with them at: http://repmeddy.com/sara-faith-q-and-a/

RepMeddy Classic Black Crewneck Sweatshirt: http://repmeddy.com/shop/sweatshirt

RepMeddy Tank Top (blue): http://repmeddy.com/shop/repmeddy-tank-top

RepMeddy Tank Top (salmon): prototype-currently unavailable

RepMeddy Snapback Trucker Hat: http://repmeddy.com/shop/hats 

RepMeddy Beanie: prototype-currently unavailable

RepMeddy “RM” baseball cap: prototype-currently unavailable

RepMeddy Racerback Tank Top (grey): http://repmeddy.com/shop/womens-tank

RepMeddy long sleeve: prototype-currently unavailable

If you love any of the unavailable prototypes, comment below!  The more love, the sooner they’ll be up for sale!



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