Back in August, Chris and I took a trip to San Francisco to shoot some stock video and stock photography for Via Films.  San Francisco is one of my all-time favorite cities to visit…if it had no traffic, I would probably live there.  We go pretty often but we tend to visit the same places so I was really excited to see some parts of the city I hadn’t seen before on this trip.  Take a peek at my favorite shots and if you see something you like, I’m selling quite a few in my store!  Cheers!


We started off shooting at Marin Headlands on a beautifully foggy evening.  Looking at this image, you would probably never guess that right across the bay is the city of San Francisco.

The fog rolled in like crazy as I was shooting
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Purchase: Print or Digital Download


I love how the last light from sunset is highlighting the skyscrapers in the background


Of course I had to get a shot with my Lensbaby Composer!

Twilight at the Golden Gate Bridge is always so stunning
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This was the first time I had been to Alamo Square, where part of the opening credits for Full House were shot.  These houses, called the Painted Ladies, are so gorgeous and have so much rich history.





We spend another evening shooting at Marin Headlands to try to get a less foggy view of the sunset


The sunset looked like a painting…it was so stunning


The Golden Gate Bridge silhouetted at sunset

How gorgeous are these colors?
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Couldn’t help but snap a few shots of Chris flying his DJI Inspire 1 at sunset with the golden lighting.


This is one of my favorite shots taken from Horseshoe Bay near Fort Baker…Marin Headlands is the hill in the background on the right

I loved this little sailboat in the foreground
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Purchase: Print or Digital Download


Chris’ DJI Inspire 1 on top of our GTI…we’ve seen the almost all of the Western States in this car


The docks in Horseshoe Bay

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Purchase: Print or Digital Download