I feel like it’s only appropriate for you guys to get to know me, and what better way than to look back at my most humiliating Halloween costumes as a child?  Can I preface this by saying that I’m not actually humiliated by these in the least and that I lllllllooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee Halloween and all it’s costumey glory?  I plan my costumes months and months in advance…I love it that much.  Anyways, enjoy laughing along with me as we take a trip down memory lane…


I’m the clown, my sister Missy is the very confused bunny


I tried to be a beautiful, blushing bride twice…both were failed attempts but at least the second time I didn’t look like a hobo child bride


Probably one of my favorite costumes ever!  I was born to be a princess…with a wand…fairy princess?  I don’t know.


Ahhh middle school.  My friend Morissa and I were so on trend with our Josie and the Pussycats costumes.  We wore these to Cody’s Halloween party and I’m pretty sure we thought we were all that and a bag of potato chips.


So I’m not going to lie…my birthday is 5 days after Halloween and that’s partially why I get so excited this time of year.  In 2008, I made my friends dress up as my own birthday presents…because I like presents.


…and we’re here in the not-so-distant past.  This is definitely a top contender for my favorite costume ever.  I hand painted the skeleton bones on the corset so I was feeling extra accomplished.  And my hair was on point…thanks Natalie!

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