As a professional photographer, I refer tons of clients to local businesses for other services…especially when it comes to weddings.  There are so many details involved in planning a wedding and it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for or know who runs a reputable business and who doesn’t.  That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to build a list of the best companies in each category, starting with every wedding guest’s favorite topic…the food!

ABC Kitchen Catering & Event Planning

ABC Kitchen’s menu boasts a very homegrown, farm-to-table feel reminiscent of dishes I’ve enjoyed in Napa Valley.  My rule of thumb is that if applewood smoked bacon anything is on the menu, you can’t go wrong.  And guests looooovvvveeeee bacon.  As an added bonus, they offer event planning!

Goodness Gracious Cafe & Catering
221 SW G St
Grants Pass, Oregon

If you want a taste of Goodness Gracious’ catering style, just head down to their cafe!  Described as “an eclectic urban style cafe”, their menu offers everything from barbecue tri-tip to crudité; sure to please the carnivore and herbivore alike.

The Jacksonville Inn
175 E. California St.
Jacksonville, Oregon, 97530, U.S.A.

Not just a historic hotel, The Jacksonville Inn offers catering options in a variety of different culinary styles.  Is a taste of Tuscany what you’re looking for?  Or perhaps a bite of some Southern Oregon traditional dishes?  They can do it all!  Host your wedding here for a one and done check off of your wedding to-do list.

Cutting Edge Catering
541. 613.2847
320 Haven St
Medford, Oregon

Cutting Edge Catering offers all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a wedding caterer.  Just photos of their brown butter roasted potatoes and white wine marinated chicken leave your mouth watering and your tastebuds craving a bite.  A newly formed company, these caterers are already making a huge name for themselves in Southern Oregon.

Arbor House Restaurant
103 E. Wagner Street
Talent, OR 97540

Arbor House Restaurant serves up a fresh take on appetizers and entrees you’ve come to know and love.  Their party platters are the perfect choice for the buffet table on your special day.  Enjoy date night at Arbor House with your fiancé to get a taste of their delicious food!  And fun fact: in college, my roommates and I lived right across the street!  We envied everyone exiting the front door with full bellies and smiles as we scarfed down another pack of Top Ramen.

I’m proud to have my business based in the Rogue Valley and be able to serve Southern Oregon and Northern California with my photography but I’m just as proud to support others who have worked hard to make their mark in the beautiful place we call home.  Cheers!

*all photos used courtesy of their respective websites


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